Affiliate Program

Explanation Partner Program
Do you want to enter into a partnership with and generate extra income every month?
Become a Thalia partner now and earn money with your website! This is now possible very easily and quickly via our affiliate program!

Join our affiliate program and earn up to 10% commission per product sold! This can provide a nice income and can add up very quickly! Place a banner or text link from Thalia, use your personal link and start earning money right away.

To make this possible, works together with the leading affiliate marketing network: Daisycon

This affiliate network ensures that your money is paid out and they are always ready to help you.

How does it work exactly?

You can register as a seller with our affiliate partner program. If you have registered with your website, you can sign up for the campaign. After approval of the registration (your website will be checked for quality and relevance) you can use the promotional material offered by us via Daisycon.

You earn up to 10% commission when a visitor ends up on the website via the promotional materials you have placed and places an order. It couldn't be easier!

Sign up as an affiliate partner:

Step 1: Sign up at
Step 2: After registering on Daisycon, you must register for the campaign.
Step 3: approves your application! As soon as you have been accepted as a partner at Thalia, you can select and place ready-made banners or text links. You will receive the personal links for this via Easy and fast!
Step 4: The collaboration between you and is a fact. If one of your visitors orders something from via your site, you will automatically receive a commission. Affiliate network Daisycon then takes care of the payment of the total commission amount.

Questions and answers:

In addition to a banner, can I also link directly to products on your website?
You can even put our entire range or part of our products on your own website. Completely according to your own wishes. When customers click on the product and make a purchase from us, you will receive up to 10% of the sales amount. You don't have to do anything further for this. Our entire range is available as an XML feed and is updated daily!

Am I tied to a contract?
No, you can cancel our cooperation at any time. The collaboration will then stop immediately. You can also simply remove the banner(s) from your website and the collaboration will stop automatically. The cooperation is not an obligation for you.

Is there really no catch?
No absolutely not. Daisycon and Thalia are professional, leading companies. Orders placed at are registered very accurately (personal customer data is not shown for privacy reasons) and are always transparent and verifiable for you. The commission of up to 10% on the total turnover is transferred to you every month on a fixed day. The exact date depends on your registration with Daisycon and we have no influence on this. In any case, we ensure fast processing on our part, taking into account one month.

Is any website eligible?
No, Thalia reserves the right to refuse partners.

Is this a unique concept?
No absolutely not. Well-known online stores, department stores and even the world's largest internet retailer use this principle and concept.

Good luck with promoting!