Skincare during pregnancy

Skin care during pregnancy:

It is important to ensure the skin during pregnancy, because these skin problems, skin markings, bumps, skin discolores, etc. can develop.

The first is to avoid skin irritation. To expect skin problems are skin rash due to the increased blood circulation that gives more nutrition for the growth of skin cells. Excessive skin grease, skin acne and skin rash can be prevented by keeping the skin free of dirt.

Pregnancy hormones help a faster skin regeneration, but it is important that you note that you do not burn during pregnancy. Panning oil may not be used because chemicals are in these brown oils that can damage the skin and skin cells.

Pregnancy skin care includes skin care with extra attention, not only for the skin, but also for nails and hair and it can develop skin problems such as rashes, rashes, etc.

If you have dry skin, a moisturizing cream is a must to prevent skin rashes and irritation. Skin creams with skin carving ingredients such as skin care vitamin E and skin care skin milk can be ideal for skin care during pregnancy.

Skin care routine includes skin care that a woman follows without failure every day. The skin care routine can vary from person to person depending on the skin type. For example, people with oily skin require a skin care routine more often than people with dry skin, while some skin care routines can be done weekly, while some skin care routines can be done daily. Skin care tips include cleaning the skin, keeping the skin of dirt and germs, avoiding sunscreen or sunscreen oil, the use of moisturizing creams, etc.

During the skin care routine, the skin is cleaned to remove skin staining, skin germs and skin oil on the skin. Skin reinforcement is done to restore the skin color of the face that otherwise becomes DOF ​​during pregnancy.

Skin humidifier is used to keep the skin hydrated and fed, because the skin becomes very dry during pregnancy due to an elevated blood flow, causing the skin cells to get more food.

Maintaining the pH value of the skin is very important because the skin has its own natural oil that, if disturbed by skin care routine, can cause skin problems such as rashes, skin rash, etc.

Skin protection against sun rays is very important during pregnancy, because the skin becomes sensitive to sun rays and skin protection against sun rays during pregnancy is a must during the skin care routine to prevent skin disorders such as skin cancer, skin discolores, etc.

During the skin care routine it is important to keep the skin clean and free of dirt and germs that otherwise be able to cause skin diseases if they are not taken care of during pregnancy. Excessive skin grease must be avoided during the skin care routine, because the skin starts to produce excess oil during pregnancy, which can lead to skin infections or skin disorders. Skin acne must be avoided during the skin care routine, since the skin undergoes drastic changes due to increased blood flow and skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.



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