Thalia Coconut Oil Shampoo 300 ml

Thalia Kokosolie Shampoo 300 ml - Thalia Cosmetics

Thalia Coconut Oil Shampoo 300 ml

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Coconut Oil Shampoo

Thalia Natural Beauty Coconut Oil Nourishing and Repairing Care Shampoo brings the unique and fragrant scent of coconut, which is defined as the "tree of life", into your hair.

Product information :

Coconut, which has been known for centuries and is used in the countries where it is grown and defined as the "tree of life", is high in lauric acid.
Lauric acid, also found in breast milk, is just one of the properties that make coconut valuable.

The oil is obtained by pressing the coconut and fruit. In addition to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, coconut oil is high in vitamins E, C and B6 and minerals such as iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium; a real treasure for her.

It nourishes and repairs the hair follicles with the strength it receives from the vitamin and mineral content, makes the hair grow faster and stronger, thickens the hair strands, cleanses the scalp and prevents dandruff and loss.

It gives shine and smoothness to the hair, creating soft and easily shaped hair.

A characteristic of coconut oil is that it first heats up, then cools and does not evaporate; Due to this structure, while intensely moisturizing the hair and scalp, it does not let the moisture escape.

Not to mention it makes your hair smell like musk.

Thalia Coconut Oil Nourishing and Repairing Care Shampoo, which has a very high nutritional value, prevents breakage by nourishing and protecting the ends with coconut and natural ingredients in the formula, visibly strengthening the hair and returning its natural shine.

Thalia Coconut Oil Nourishing and Repairing Care Shampoo also contains PhytoComplex AHL.
The patented herbal active called PhytoComplex AHL, obtained from a mixture of 24 species of plants in Akten Cosmetics Laboratory, is one-to-one against hair loss.
The product also takes care of your hair from root to tip with the provitamin and hydrolyzed protein in its formulation.

Technical details :

It does not contain substances that are harmful to human health such as SLS, SLES and parabens. The product has not been tested on

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I LOVE IT!!! I am soooo incredibly satisfied, certainly not a bad purchase. I hope you get bigger and bigger!!!

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Great products, and ensures a radiant skin. It's all worth it!

Thank you Thalia💕

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All ladies just have to have the serum at home, my face feels so nice and I use it under my make-up and that is perfect for me! Never been so satisfied

Amanda W.

Your skin glows after using the products and it feels soft :)

Highly recommended!!!

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Super affordable and really fast delivery, I love that :)

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