Garlic shampoo

The smell of garlic; you either love it or you hate it. The substance that is responsible for this smell has another property: it is good for your hair! Now you will probably understand better why there is such a thing as garlic shampoo. BeeThalia Cosmetics we are always looking for new ingredients for our natural care products. By processing garlic in a shampoo, together with ginseng, we have developed a new shampoo against hair loss and dandruff. Oh, and don't worry: we've managed to neutralize the garlic smell, with this garlic shampoo your hair will smell wonderfully fresh and clean.


Allicin, the miracle substance from garlic

The substance allicin occurs naturally in garlic. Many positive properties are attributed to this substance. For example, it would repel fungi and bacteria and protect your tissue as an antioxidant. It also protects your hair roots when you use our garlic shampoo. Your hair roots are the only living parts of your hair. By feeding it well from the inside (garlic in your diet) and from the outside (with garlic shampoo), your hair will become stronger and it will fall out less quickly. This effect is reflected in the reviews on our site:

“When using this shampoo you no longer suffer from hair loss and greasy hair. Sarah G.

“After months of using this product, no more hair loss, recommended this Thalia top brand🥰” farida

“My hair looks much fuller and healthier since using this product, highly recommended dilan t.

Natural Beauty Products

You can achieve natural beauty with natural care products. At Thalia we therefore only use natural ingredients. Our garlic shampoo is produced by us without parabens. The use of parabens as a preservative has been officially approved under European law, but many people (and scientists) have their doubts about the health effects of this preservative. Better to avoid, we think. Just like SLS, by the way, the addition that ensures that your product foams and can irritate your scalp at the same time. This would counteract the effect of our garlic shampoo, so we also omit the SLS.

What's in Thalia garlic shampoo?

Now that you know what is not in our garlic shampoo, you are probably curious what is in it. The product is a blend of 24 herbs, hydrolyzed protein, provitamins and the patented PhytoComplex AHL herbal active. In addition to garlic, ginseng is an important ingredient. The extract of the ginseng plant protects the hair, helps repair damaged hair and stimulates hair growth. Together with garlic, it forms a powerful power duo in our garlic shampoo..

Order garlic shampoo

Do you suffer from hair loss, damaged hair or do you want to proactively prevent this? Order your garlic shampoo at Thalia. We do not use substances that are harmful to human health and we never test our products on animals. Your order will be delivered to your home within one to two working days. Not sure if garlic shampoo is the best product for you Feel freet Contact Contact us and we will look together to see which Thalia products are right for you. Order your natural products for natural beauty at Thalia now.